Download Your Moments!

We’ve heard from many parents who use Moment Garden to securely back up all their precious memories. They sleep better at night knowing that if anything happened to their phone or computer, all their moments would remain safe.

Now we’re making it even easier to access all the full photos and videos that you’ve saved on Moment Garden. We’re excited to announce Moment Downloads and Full Garden Exports!

Download Your Full Photos and Videos

Moment Downloads is a free and easy way to access the full, original version of any photo you’ve uploaded. To download a photo, just log in to your garden on the Moment Garden website, click on the moment and then choose Download. You can even download your rendered videos!

Download Your Entire Garden

Full Garden Exports is a new feature for upgraded accounts. A full garden export lets you download all the moments in your entire garden at once, as a ZIP file. Just choose Edit Garden from the Moment Garden website, and click the Export Garden link at the top.

Reduced Pricing for Moment Garden Star!

Finally, we’re delighted to announce reduced pricing Moment Garden Star. Now you can upgrade your garden to Star to enjoy longer, high definition videos plus Full Garden Exports for just $5 per month: 40% off the previous Star price. And if you choose the annual plan, we’ll even give you a $15 Moment Book gift card for free!

Moment Garden’s New Homepage

Our home page is the first impression of Moment Garden for many people, and we wanted it to better reflect our core values: that Moment Garden is a fun, easy and safe way to save and privately share your child’s story. 

You can view the new Moment Garden home page live here.

We are so proud of the result, and we’re grateful for all the help that went into creating it! We are excited to continue making Moment Garden the best place for your child’s memories.

Announcing Moment Memories: Relive Your Child’s Precious Moments

My daughter is almost 7 months old and despite saving all of her most important moments to Moment Garden, I still struggle to remember exactly what those days felt like 6 months ago, when she was only a few days old and my wife and I were marveling over the human we created.

At Moment Garden, we think that it’s not enough to simply save your child’s moments: it’s important for us to help you relive those experiences as well. Therefore we are pleased and excited to announce a new feature called Moment Memories.

Moment Memories are emails you receive with reminders of the moments you saved exactly 6 and 12 months in the past, helping you remember the moments that seem so long ago. Relive that trip to the zoo, the cookie baking with grandma, and other precious memories that were so vivid in the moment, but inevitably fade over time. If you have a very young baby, each day brings new developments, you’ll receive memories from just 1 month ago (we know that each month might feel like a year).


There’s nothing you need to do to receive Moment Memories - in fact, you may have already started getting them. The emails are only sent on days that are anniversaries of moments you’ve saved, and they are just sent to you, the garden’s admins; not the contributors you’ve invited. If you wish to opt out of Moment Memories, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email to update your email preferences.

We hope you enjoy the experience of Moment Memories. We’d love to hear what you think!

Your Moment Garden Timeline Just Got Better

If you login to, you’ll notice that things feel a little different… and better! That’s because we’ve made a bunch of changes, big and small, to make your Moment Garden timeline easier to use. Let’s take a look at a few of these updates.

Garden Listing and Quick Edit - Your gardens have much larger profile pictures along with the child’s name, helping you navigate between gardens faster. We also added a new “Quick Edit” feature that lets you see your garden’s details and edit it in a snap.


Child Tagging - If you have a moment that belongs in more than one garden, you can now tag multiple children in a single moment! Just check the gardens to tag from the drop down in the Add Moment dialog.


Inviting Family & Friends + Nicknames - We’ve now made it much easier to invite more family and friends to your garden, making the Invite More button front and center from the Family & Friends tab. Plus, we’ve promoted one of our more popular features, Nicknames. Now you can change your family and friends’ nicknames right from the Family & Friends drop down!


Moment Books - We are thrilled by how many people have been printing their gardens as Moment Books! We’ve now made it even easier to get started designing your Moment Book by adding the Moment Book button to the main navigation.

Did you know that it takes under 10 minutes to design and order your Moment Book? Try it out and see how fast and easy it is to get started with Moment Books!


Many More! There are lots more enhancements to make your Moment Garden timeline an even better experience. What other changes have you noticed?

Tag multiple children in a single moment

We’re excited to announce the ability to share moments across multiple gardens!

Previously when you’d add a moment to multiple gardens, you’d have multiple versions of that same moment - one in each garden. Family and friends would have to choose which garden from which to love or comment on the moment, or even duplicate their comments on both.

Now, if you add a moment for several of your kids, the moment is shared across their gardens. That means if your family members or friends comment on the moment in any garden its in, that comment will be shown for the moment in every garden it’s a part of. And each garden will show all the loves for the moment, no matter which garden it was loved in.

Plus, if you change the photo or edit the caption of a shared moment, it will be changed in all the gardens!

We hope this update makes it even easier to save the story of your children’s lives.

Moment Garden is now on Android!

My wife and I were expecting our first baby this month. While she is an iPhone fanatic, I am a long-time Android devotee. As a co-founder of Moment Garden, there’s no way I could bear welcoming our baby into this world without having Moment Garden in my pocket at all times!

My co-founder, Chris, is Moment Garden’s mobile guru and promised me our Android app would be ready by the time my daughter was born. I was skeptical, since great mobile apps are difficult and time consuming to create. But Chris really delivered, and we deployed the app to a handful of volunteer Moment Garden testers with a month to spare (thank you, testers)!

My wife and I gave birth to Amelie Quinn Garbow on April 11th, and throughout our pregnancy and her birth, we saved the story of her new life in Moment Garden, relying heavily on the new Android app. Our family shared in our journey from 500 miles away, and it was incredible to stay connected with those who matter most. As my wife’s aunt told us, “This makes me feel as if I were there!”

I could not be more proud of the Moment Garden Android app we just released into the Google Play store, and I can assure you it is a truly amazing experience.

To all of our Moment Gardeners, please welcome our new Android app!
Moment Garden Android App

Happy Gardening,
Zack (new dad) and Chris

How Much Traffic Does a Magazine or TV Mention Send Your Website?

While Moment Garden was founded by two developers who are not natural marketers (heck, we’re typically modest to a fault), we have been fortunate to have had Moment Garden featured in a variety of mediums, including web, a popular magazine, and even on TV. 

Since we were surprised by the different traffic patterns resulting from each medium, we thought others would find the results interesting as well. 

First, to baseline the comparisons, let’s take a look at the traffic characteristics of a referral most of us are more accustomed to: being featured on another website. 


One of the websites we were featured on was, a site directly serving our target audience: namely, moms. Cool Mom Picks is a good sized, though not huge, website and it resulted in a fairly nice bump in traffic to our site. 


Chart: Referral traffic from

Breaking down the numbers, we found that the majority of traffic came the first day we were featured, though we experienced a noticeable level of elevated referral traffic for just under a week. During that time, Cool Mom Picks resulted in 225 new gardens created on our site, and a conversion rate of 24%.


Last year, we were unexpectedly mentioned in a popular magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, within their annual “Innovation Issue”. We immediately noticed increased traffic to our site, but since Moment Garden was only mentioned in the print version of the magazine, we could not identify a referrer for the spike of new visitors: the increase manifested entirely in direct traffic and Google search results (people searching “Moment Garden” by name). We eventually learned we were in Better Homes & Gardens after one of our new users mentioned it to us.


Big magazine


Small mention!

The increased traffic from being in a monthly magazine lasted, as you might expect, about a month. Rather than a distinct, initial spike, as was the result from the website feature, the increased traffic from the magazine was much more sustained throughout the month.


Search traffic during Better Homes & Gardens issue

As a result of the magazine reference, we received abut 300 new gardens created at a conversion rate of around 10.2%.


We received another unexpected press mention when we were featured on the BBC television show, Click, which is focused on technology. We had contacted the Click host months earlier and received no response, so the feature caught us off guard. Like the magazine, there was no referrer in Google Analytics to reveal where the increased traffic was originating. Fortunately, my good friend lives in Canada and had literally just given birth - she notified us when she saw Moment Garden on BBC from her hospital room!


Moment Garden featured on BBC’s Click

As a result of the TV program, we saw an immediate spike in direct and search traffic. The show was then posted to the BBC’s website a couple days later, resulting in another initial spike, which then plateaued at a sustained, increased level for about 4 weeks. 


Search traffic after being featured on Click


Referrer traffic from’s website

The TV mention and subsequent posting resulted in 496 new gardens created, at a 25% conversion rate. 


While having Moment Garden mentioned in a magazine and on TV certainly provided an ego and morale boost (as well as excitement for our mothers), the boost to our product was limited by the lack of SEO friendly links and the increased friction required for the user to visit our site, given that they were not likely to have been at a computer at the time they saw us mentioned.


Additional Lessons Learned

  • Magazine and TV mentions are difficult to get
  • Their benefit is longer lasting, and less of a spike
  • Conversion rate is a function of how closely their market matches yours
  • Lack of a back link limits the long term, SEO benefit
Moment Garden Tip: Draw and Tell App (iPad and iPhone)

One (of the many!) fun things to save in your Moment Garden is your kids’ artwork.  

Is your child the next Picasso?  Monet? What do you do when you can’t see your fridge under all your kids’ artwork?  Whether you stash it away in a box or reluctantly recycle it, first take a picture and email it to your Moment Garden!

With technology growing as fast as your kids, some amazing apps are starting to evolve and serve as fun outlets for kids to express their creativity.  Our favorite iPad app for this is called Draw and Tell, made by Duck Duck Moose.

This app has the typical drawing tools you would expect (and more), however the reason this drawing app stands out is that your child can record and narrate his or her drawings!  Your little kiddos can make fun videos like this:

Oh, but it gets better.  You can even animate your drawings while you are narrating them!

Do you know where this is going?  Yep, you can then save these images and videos to your photo gallery and upload them to Moment Garden from our App!  Your family and friends will LOVE THEM and you’ll sleep well knowing these precious moments are safe and backed up.  Just think of what your child will say when they watch this later in life.

Duck Duck Moose is a pretty cool company, too.  The founders are parents, and have a long track record of creating successful educational children’s applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.  I was fortunate to meet Caroline, and am impressed by how much this small, self-funded company has accomplished.

This is the second product we have written about that works great with Moment Garden!  If you missed the last post, check out See Baby Grow T-shirts.

Moment Garden’s iPhone/iPad Baby Book App Hits the App Store!

We are excited to release our long awaited Moment Garden iPhone/iPad app! So many of you have requested an iPhone app, and it’s now available for free in the Apple app store:

The Moment Garden iPhone app lets you save photos, videos and stories to your child’s existing garden directly from your iOS device, and re-live the memories from anywhere at anytime. 

iPhone and iPad app

We are particularly delighted to have the Moment Garden app selected by Apple as New & Noteworthy in the App Store! It’s all thanks to our loyal users who have provided us tremendous feedback, ideas and app store reviews!

Don’t risk losing any of those stories, pictures, videos or funny things your children say. Get the app nowfrom the Apple app store for free!

If you see ways we can improve the app, please let us know at If you love the app, please give us a good rating to help spread the word to other parents.

Import Moments from Facebook

Many parents upload photos of their children to Facebook, since that’s a great place to expose the pictures to family and friends. 

However, Moment Garden provides a better organized and more beautiful space to collect, save, and share these same photos within an interactive timeline.

We’re happy to announce that you now have the best of both worlds!

Moment Garden has launched new Facebook importing functionality, which lets you import photos from your Facebook albums right into your child’s Moment Garden. And best of all, it’s super simple!

1. From the “Add Moment” menu, click the “Import from Facebook” button.


2. Once connected to Facebook, you can navigate through your Facebook photo albums.


3. Finally, choose one or more photos you’d like to import and click “Import”. 


It’s that easy! So go ahead and import some photos, then let us know what you think!